Positive thoughts stand ground. Negative thoughts take flight. - Healthy Living 4 A Natural U

$75 for initial visits 

$50 for each return client visit

$225 for home energy cleaning. Requires a $90 deposit at consultation.

Additions to Main Services:
  • Crystal Support
  • Color Therapy to help balance specific Chakras
  • Oracle readings: Divination cards,Amethyst Runes and Pendulum Probing
  • Toe Reading
$25 if solo
$15 if added to another service

Take home a copy of your session,oils,or crystals for an addtl. $20!

Advance request is necessary

Bejeweled Package: 
 45 minute hypnosis session with aromatherapy. 

Soul Searching: 
40 minute coaching session with 15 minutes of soul exploration from various ancient prayer techniques. 

Universally Sound:
4o minute session involving music of high vibrations and tuning forks to help assist with any restoration or creation of balance. 
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