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Home Energy Cleansing

We all have bad days. Some times we bring the work day home bundled up within our feelings and emotions. Do you feel as if the energy in your home is amiss? We are proud to offer this unique service. A ceremony is conducted with you and whomever else you would like to include. Although ceremonies can be conducted without home dwellers there, your presence creates a bond to the experience. This bond cements the process for later use. In addition, you have a sense of calm in restoring the right energy for functioning daily. 
The space where you dwell should be balanced and harmonious to ensure the same results within. HEC allows U to be assured that any stagnate, negative or draining energy is removed from the home and lovingly replaced with positive and balanced vibrations. Using the assistance of the Higher Power of your choice your home will be transformed into the space you feel is the best fit for you transpersonally.
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