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While at Swiha achieving her associates degree Jewel was introduced to the magically world of HypnoBirthing.

 Jewel knew being a Midwife was the ultimate goal and HypnoBirthing was a new combination of two things she loved. Jewel was eager to learn the methods and procedures of having an easier,safer and more comfortable birth.

 In August of 2015 Jewel traveled to Boston Mass to obtain her HypnoBirthing Practitioner Certification. Jewel had no clue she would be blessed to be taught by The Founder Marie Mongan personally. 

Being a mother of one and very intrigued by the birthing journey Jewel is now fully prepared to teach other couples just how wonderful the birthing process can be!
In a calm and locally centered location Jewel will lead classes to prepare you and your birthing companion on the journey of birthing your baby easy and comfortably. 

HypnoBirthing uses various hypnosis scripts,techniques and breathing exercises to help both members achieve the results they are looking for naturally. Couples of any relation will be introduced into the stages of birthing and how to maintain a calm and successful birth. 

$350 includes your classes, materials needed for class(book& relaxation cd) along with healthy refreshments. The total class length is 5 sessions for 2.5 hours each session and lots of encourging  fun!!!!!

Feel free to learn more about HypnoBirthing by visiting the website @HypnoBirthing.com or contact Jewel. Via email or snail mail you can be sent a brochure and any other documents needed to answer all your questions.

 There are many imitators so make sure you get a true HypnoBirthing Practitioner.
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