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Hypnosis has been around since the 18th century. Hypnosis is achieved by entering a trance state comparable to watching TV. The client is read a script that includes suggestions that have been crafted during the session. The process works so well because the conscious mind and the body are able to reach a deep level of relaxation. Once relaxation is achieved the client can begin to accept the script and the suggestions into their subconscious mind.

As the client now is the time to sit back and unwind. Allow any day to day stress to be released within the session so that we can begin to remove or re frame whatever might be causing stagnation in your life. In an open, honest and safe environment you will be given the chance to reveal and examine just what your triggers are. We can then move forward and focus on the positive in your life and just how to create more of that for U. 

Hypnosis is here to help you with many stagnates. 

We can look into smoking cessation, weight management, removing blocks and barriers. Perhaps looking into a past life to see how your current life is being affected would be a benefit to you. Whatever areas you seek more understanding can be explored through private and stable facilitation. .

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